Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Milestone Meeting

We knocked off work a little early on Friday to thank our staff for their hard work and update them on the season's progress. We even rented a dunk tank from Peoria Rentals so our staff could take their shot at sinking their bosses! It was a fun afternoon and everyone left with a greater sense of appreciation for the hard work we do and the satisfaction we all share from serving our clients. 

Owner/Project Manager Corey playing grill master.
Chowing down on chicken and burgers.
Maintenance Division Manager Robert enjoying a rare opportunity.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Water

  • Individually hand water each tree, shrub or small plant, giving it a long, deep drink with a hose. Watering with a lawn irrigation system can cause problems by either keeping the plants too wet, or not watering deep enough.
  • Using a hose with water running at low pressure, place it in the center of the plant. Watch that the water penetrates the root zone immediately around the plant, and does not run off its surface without penetrating the soil. Applying the water directly to the root area at a slow rate ensures adequate moisture to the roots.
  • The soil in the soil ball will dry out more quickly than the loose soil around it, so when you check for moisture be sure to check the soil ball directly. Be aware that plants can be over-watered too, especially in clay soils. To check for over-watering, poke your finger down the side of the soil ball to feel how wet or dry it is.

Watering Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

For the first three weeks after planting, water every second or third day, and once a week through summer thereafter. If the weather is very hot, windy, and dry increase the frequency to prevent wilt, particularly on small, tender plants or lawns.

Discontinue watering when there is at least one inch of rainfall per week, otherwise hand water about once a week.

Late Fall to Winter
If there is inadequate rainfall, water the plants every 2 weeks until frost. When the tree leaves drop, make a final application of water just before the ground freezes.

Subsequent Spring and Summer
Water trees and shrubs deeply every couple of weeks as weather dictates. Perennials may need more frequent watering.

Lawn Watering

Sodded Lawns
Water daily for three weeks after installation, thoroughly soaking the sod each time. After about four weeks, water the established sod only once per week, applying one inch of water.

Seeded Lawns
Apply one inch of water daily until all the grass has germinated. If adequate rainfall occurs to sufficiently moisten the top inch of soil, there is no need to water that day. When the lawn is two inches high, reduce watering to one inch per week or as needed to maintain green, actively growing grass.