Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Water

  • Individually hand water each tree, shrub or small plant, giving it a long, deep drink with a hose. Watering with a lawn irrigation system can cause problems by either keeping the plants too wet, or not watering deep enough.
  • Using a hose with water running at low pressure, place it in the center of the plant. Watch that the water penetrates the root zone immediately around the plant, and does not run off its surface without penetrating the soil. Applying the water directly to the root area at a slow rate ensures adequate moisture to the roots.
  • The soil in the soil ball will dry out more quickly than the loose soil around it, so when you check for moisture be sure to check the soil ball directly. Be aware that plants can be over-watered too, especially in clay soils. To check for over-watering, poke your finger down the side of the soil ball to feel how wet or dry it is.