Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lawn Care FAQ - Part 2

Q: I have grubs every year. How can I prevent them?

A: Most homeowners who have grubs need to have them treated each year. Like most pests, it is important to catch them early. The most successful way to beat grubs is to apply a treatment during the earliest pupa stage in late June. It is difficult to control grubs in the early spring.  

Q: How high should I mow my grass?

A: You should mow the grass at the highest setting on your mower or at least 3 inches. Each time you mow, you should cut no more than 1/3 of the grass height. While you may have to mow more often, your lawn will be healthier and less susceptible to disease and weed growth.

Q: How should I water my lawn?

A: Lawns will be most healthy if they are watered deeply and infrequently. The goal for most lawns is 1" of water per week, and it is best if water is delivered slowly but "all at once" instead of over several days. Longer, deeper watering will allow roots to penetrate deeper over the course of the week. Frequent, short waterings keep roots shallow and sensitive to drought.

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